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What to Do If You Can't Sell Your House?

Selling a home in the current market situation can be a bit of a challenge. If you want to sell your house in a timely manner can be even harder. There are a few things which can help you speed up the process. One of them is to inspect the curb's appeal. When a potential buyer comes to view the house the first thing he will see is the exterior of the house. Take a look at the grass - is it mowed and neat, does it need weeding? Fresh plants can brighten the look of the garden a lot. You can buy a few in pots and arrange them along the entrance of the house. Inspect whether you need to paint certain areas around the house. The market is full of houses which stay for a while and don't sell even at a low price. When you are competing with low prices and a difficult financial status, you need to offer a house in a good condition. Whatever you see that you don't like, you can be sure that the buyer will notice too. After checking the exterior you need to have a look at the interior too. The most important thing is to paint - your home will smell cleaner and the whole house will look fresh. Everything inside the house should be in perfect order, including the garage and basement. Wash the curtains, rugs and carpets. This should be done before you take photos of your house, which will be posted in the ad online. If you have too much stuff you can rent a self-storage unit and store them there for a while. No potential buyer wants to see your clutter around the house. One of the problems which makes houses sit on the market for a long time is incorrect pricing. If you think this is the problem take a look at similar houses on the market or discuss the issue with a real estate agent. If your house is priced higher than other similar properties you will have to wait a long time to sell it. Selling a house is a competitive task - even if you think yourr is the best, others may think that too but have a better price and more luck than you. One of the common reasons a house won't sell is because of the agent. Your agent is receiving a commission for selling the house and often this amount is split between him and another agent who brings the buyer. If the commission is not high enough an agent doesn't have that much interest to sell your house and split the amount. If the agent will earn 2% commission from your house's sale, but 3% out of another one, he will show the other house to a potential buyer before yours. This is a common practice, since agents have to make a living too. Real estate is a serious business and it is all about proper pricing and communication with the agent. An important aspect of selling your home easily is to make it available for viewing every day of the week, throughout the day. Flexibility is what attracts buyers and even if you are not at home, your agent will present the house. If your home requires repairs it is better to spend some money and time on that before an inspection. A buyer will use this as a ground for negotiating a lower price. If you can't fix things yourself, hire experts to do it, but make sure you are selling your house in its best condition. It's important to get appraisal and be aware of your house's real value. If you are not on the verge of selling just yet, it would still give you some idea of where the price should be at. Selling a house is no easy task - the market and the competition are tough, but with a good plan, a good real estate agent, proper preparations and marketing there is nothing to worry about.