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The Best Office Moving Tips You'll Find!

Moving office might, on paper, sound dull and stressful. However, it really shouldn’t be – and it really doesn’t have to be! We’ve prepared a few handy tips and suggestions to help you and your team with your move to new pastures – and hopefully, we’ll shatter a few myths about the office removal process as we go! For starters, we strongly recommend you plan your office moving operation well in advance of moving day. 10 weeks – or two and a half months – before is a good starting point, but depending on the size and scale of your move, you may want to start even further back. This will ensure the contents of your office, and your co-workers or employees, are fully prepared well in advance for the process. Whilst it may be attractive (for reasons of cost etc.) to contemplate executing an office removal job yourself, it’s wise to consider enlisting the help of a professional office moving services company. Professional office removal companies will help minimise disturbance to your employees, protect your office equipment and ensure the smooth running of your business is not disrupted during the relocation process. A poorly executed office move can not only throw your business into disarray for the duration of the moving period, but adversely affect your office’s performance once the office move is completed – for weeks, if not months. Set aside concerns over the one-off cost of a professional office moving company’s services, and think about how much more it will cost you and your business in the long-run if a removal isn’t completed correctly. Start by making a shortlist of office relocation businesses. The better professional office movers will visit your current premises, map out a potential moving plan before you or they have packed a thing, and create an itemised list of what they’ll be moving. You yourself should also visit your future office space and take some time devising a prospective floor plan for desks, equipment and cabinets (some firms will be happy to help you in this regard too!). Once completed, share this with your employees, so they’ll know the new working environment they’ll be moving to. This ensures there’ll be a smooth changeover when you reach your next destination, with the time necessary for settling in minimised. The crème de la crème of office removal businesses will even visit your future premises with you, to assist and to create their own moving specifications. From here, they should be able to provide you with a comprehensive costing document. Once you have a number of quotes to choose from, enlist the firm offering you the best office moving package. Beyond cost, however, choose a moving company which offers flexibility on moving times and dates. When a company moves has massive implications for that company, and we feel its best practice to move after working hours and at weekends. The best firms will conduct moves at these hours – the lesser will turn their nose up, and an office removal company’s willingness to work at anti-social hours is often a testament to their quality. Whilst all this may sound labyrinthine and challenging, in truth, with the right help and assistance, the time will fly by, and fly by painlessly. There are truly few greater pleasures in life than being able to sit back and relax – especially during a process with such high potential for stress! We wish you luck in your office move – however, with the right professional workplace mover at the helm, you surely won’t need it.