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The ABC of Unpacking - What Comes First and What Last

Many of us know the feeling of moving to a brand- new home. The idea to live in a new place is exiting and many people like it. However , what most of us don't like is having to unpack all the stuff we have brought to the new home. For many people, this is the least enjoyable activity, although there are some who like it.

If you are one of those people, for whom unpacking is too stressful and overwhelming, then you could use the ideas given in this article to make the process a little more enjoyable and easy.

What you should know is that, unpacking is like packing; you will need a lot of time and energy, but more importantly you will need organization and a plan. When you have packed you probably have made an inventory list on which all your stuff are described. If your boxes are labeled, this will help you when unpacking. I can stress more on the importance of having a plan; a daily schedule of what you should unpack first and last.

You have to unpack one room at a time. It is better to spend more time in one room, but have it completely unpacked, rather than having three rooms half - done.

Start with the essential boxes. These are the boxes, that contain the most needed stuff like toilet paper, dishes, coffee machine, toaster and other items you know you will need first. Have the whole family unpack their essentials first. This will not only help you organize your move, but will also make your first nights in your new home more comfortable.

In order to make sure that all the essential boxes will be unpacked first,you can label them. For example, you can write ‘'essentials'' or ‘'open first'' on the boxes, that you know contain important items. This will help your family recognize the boxes and unpack them first.

Some other essentials you should take care of first are the kitchen appliances.This is the stuff you cannot go without even the first night in your new home. This means, that the kitchen will be the first room to unpack. Have in mind that, the faster you unpack your kitchen, the less money you have to spend on take out. Make sure to put everything in order, so you can check kitchen unpacking off the list.

Next, I recommend getting the bedrooms completed. Make sure to unpack the current seasonal clothes you are going to need first. Having all the clothes you will need available will save you a lot of frustrations and time to look for them.

Other items you cannot possibly go without are the bathroom stuff. So, this must be the next place to unpack on your list. Probably, you will need shampoo, towers, toothbrush  and toothpaste in the first night. 

Here comes the question all of us ask:''what should I unpack last''. Probably, there is a couple of stuff which you will not need immediately. These are things like, winter clothes, if it is summer,books or other stuff you can live without for a couple of days. Make sure to place those boxes away for the time being, and take care of the essential boxes.

If you have labeled all your boxes when packing, the unpacking process will be much easier. However, if you have forgotten to do that,you can use the ideas and tips in this article complete this frustrating and burdensome task on time and with less effort. Make sure to go through every step given above.