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Reduce Stress when Moving House!

Yes moving house is extremely stressful but there are ways in which you can reduce the stress or shall we say lighten the burden of it! Here are some simple ways in which you can reduce the stress of moving house. Organisation!It’s very important that you are organised well in advance especially if you want this move to go ahead fairly swiftly and less troublesome! By being organised I mean careful planning, well in advance! No last minute rushing around and dodgy packing; this is major cause for disaster! It’s never too early to start your planning in fact if you know you’re are moving in 6 months from now then a good old clear out can begin ASAP! Sort out all of your belongings into piles of ‘keep me’ and ‘leave me’ and de-clutter your old junk, however hard it is to part form it, it has to go because this is a fresh start remember, let’s get it off to a good one! Think about removal hires and what kind of service you may require. Unless you already own a big enough van you may need to hire one. You may also need to hire a van and man to help out with the heavy lifting too! PackingThink about packing up your goods. Are you going to do the packing yourself or are you going to use the packing service often offered by removal companies? Using the packing service supplied by the removal company has its benefits, it comes with insurance which is great in case the inevitable happened and damage was caused to your goods during transit. They also have all the right packaging and tools for the job to ensure that your goods are well protected! You can get a quote for this service by simply requesting a surveyor to come and have a look around your home, you will get an instant free and no obligation quote for the cost of this service and what is included for example, insurance covers loss or damages and the option for the actual packing to be done for you etc! Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you decide to take up this service and you will have plenty of time to think about that decision afterwards. It may be worth looking into this and then going away and seeing if you can do the job of packing cheaper and just as effectively without. Advanced planning will you plenty of time to consider this option! If you decide to not go with a packing service you should check out your own contents insurance policy and see if your goods would be covered if damage was caused to them during the move. Insurance for your goods is a huge way of reducing the stress that comes with moving house! Hiring removals helpAdvanced planning will allow you plenty of time to consider who to hire for your removals, if needed! You can search online, newspapers and TV adverts for companies who do removals and once you have a list of options you can begin getting quotes! Everybody likes a good deal and to start early ensures that you have you best chance and getting the best price possible, rather than a last minute ‘That will do’ booking! Also you certainly do not want to hire some dodgy company that cause heaps amount of stresses for you on the day of the move, by careful planning you give yourself more time to ensure you find a good reputable company! Those are just a few way to help reduce the stress of moving house, but the bottom line is planning well in advance offers a better opportunity for everything to run smoothly, rather some rushed job!