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Moving Home for the First Time: 5 Top Tips

Moving in with someone for the first time, or perhaps just fleeing the family nest? Your first home will be a place you remember for the rest of your life, but getting there can be difficult; a cobweb of tasks and no real knowledge of whether you are taking care of everything that really needs doing or not. If you are moving out for the first time, here are five top tips to make sure you tackle everything: 1.    Write ListsLists are a mover’s best friend. The process of moving home is predominantly one of organisation, of getting a number of jobs completed at the same time and ensuring that everything stays on the right track. With so much on your mind at any given time, writing a main task list soon as you know you are going to be moving, and carry it with you or put it somewhere obvious, because you will want to keep adding to it time and time again! This list is then usually broken up by timescale, i.e. ‘two weeks before move’, ‘two days before move’ etc, and then further still by sub-category, i.e. ‘cut of utilities’ can be broken down by company. Once your list or lists is complete, the whole moving process will look a whole lot clearer and you will have set actions points along the way. 2.    Combine before you moveIf you are friends, or perhaps a couple moving in together, it is quite possible you will both already own many of the same items, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Do you really need two toasters, microwaves or kettles? Work this out before everything gets boxed up, because it will mean there are less bulky items to move which could in turn save considerable cost if you are hiring a professional moving company. Who knows, if you put them up for sale you might even earn a bit of money to buy something for the new home. 3.     Become skilled in the art of packingEfficient packing will mean your belongings fit into the smallest amount of boxes possible, meaning less to move. This will not only save you time and backache but again possibly money if you are involving the professionals. Getting as much as possible into every single box isn’t the true art of skilful packing however; as with everything move-based organisation is the key. Consider having different coloured boxes for different rooms around the house; when you are exhausted and surrounded by boxes in your new home you will thank yourself for going to the extra trouble of doing so as you will be aware of exactly where everything is. 4.    Eat, sleep and generally rest wellThis might sound obvious, but moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. Make sure on the days building up to the move you get plenty of sleep, and take regular breaks when packing, moving and everything else. Finally, think of all the things you like to make you feel at home and make sure they all go in one box that you open first in your new home. That might be a kettle, mug and teabag or it might be the front door mat! 5.    Open a joint bank accountIt doesn’t matter who you are moving in with, get this done long before the move, or designate one person to have a house account in their name. Not only is moving expensive but so is general living, so having a joint account that everyone pays into will make splitting of bills and forking out for expenses a little more manageable.