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Moving - How to Maximize Time and Focus

During a move, your number one most valuable resources (incidentally also the ones which you have the least of, and which will be taxed most strongly by your move) are time and focus. Nothing will cause you to develop an appreciation for the quiet moments when you can think of one thing at a time, and not be bombarded by a dozen different obligations and concerns at once, quite like a move. Likewise, nothing will make you realize the value of having some free time at your disposal quite like a move – if not in order to sit around and relax casually, then at least to get a bit of breathing room and approach your duties and obligations with a clear head. The bottom line is that a move requires so much from us, that anything which grants us those two necessities (time and focus) is a wise investment not only for carrying out the move successfully, but also just for being able to keep our lives in balance and not become completely dominated by the paperwork, packing, administration and general concerns of the moving process. So how exactly can we maximize these two most valuable resources and ensure that we don’t get completely burned out by the move and end up neglecting other important parts of our lives? Well here are some key tips, tricks and suggestions which hopefully will provide some of the answers for you: Outsource LabourIt works like this: the “moving industry” is vast and covers every angle of the whole process which you will need to go through in order to complete a move successfully. Each step of that process – like making an inventory of your belongings and packing everything, transporting your valuables from one location to another, etc. is involved enough to keep you busy for a long time and completely deplete those two vital resources of “time” and “focus”.The key to getting around this? “Outsource labour”. In other words, get help, bring other people into the equation in order to take some of the weight of the move off your shoulders. This can be done either on a personal basis (getting your friends or family to help you with the various different tasks, for example, or provide a vehicle to transport your belongings in) or on a professional basis (hiring a man with a van to help you transport your things, or contacting a large removals company who have a truck and a team of men at their disposal in order to tackle your various errands as quickly as possible.) Use Paid StorageThe great benefit of renting storage space while undergoing your move is simply that it allows you to de-clutter, empty out one house systematically (without needing to immediately transfer all of it’s contents to the new home in record time) see everything you own laid out in a neutral space, and simply, give you a bit of a “pause” in the middle of your move in order to take stock of things, slow down and catch your breath. On top of this incredible benefit for your “commodities” of time and focus, you also get to feel at ease about security (storage companies only stay in business by being able to take care of your things while they’re kept under their roof) and get the opportunity to take a “bird’s eye” perspective on the different elements of your move at once (old home, belongings, new home).