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Make a Smart Choice for Self Storage

Every now and then an individual or a business realizes that they lack enough storage space and this turns into a real problem. If you are one of those looking for extra storage, then why don't you try a self-storage unit? This industry has existed for half a century, but it's only gaining real popularity now. In recent times it has become harder to buy property and that's why more and more people are choosing to trust a storage service for a monthly fee. When you look for storage, make sure you spend enough time shopping around for the most convenient option, which fits your budget. How do you decide which is the right company though? Here is a brief guide on how to make the right choice.

Physical Characteristics of The Storage Facility:
When you are in the process of selecting a self-storage facility, mind the following physical features:

•    Size- There are usually few sizes of storage units available. If you are not sure how big of a unit you need, ask to be shown into one. Usually once you are inside the unit you can imagine more easily the organization of the space.

•    Cleanliness- Make sure you look into the sanitary conditions in the facility you are considering. A self-storage facility is not just a bunch of units filled with items. It needs to be properly maintained and taken care of. If you don't want your belongings to be ruined by moisture, damp, dust or bad odour, ensure that you inquire about the preventive measures.

•    Climate Control- When choosing a self-storage company to trust, make sure that the company offers adequate climate control. The company should have taken the necessary measures against any potentially harmful situations.

•    Privacy- As a client, you want to make sure you are guaranteed the highest degree of privacy. The best companies have their facilities behind high walls or fences for added safety.

•    Packing Material- Most self-storage companies have realized the importance of offering packing materials and guidance, since not many people know how to pack and arrange properly. The self-storage provider can offer you cardboard or wooden boxes. The wooden ones are the better choice, because they are much sturdier and damp-resistant. If you are packing at home, you will probably depend on cardboard boxes, but make sure you purchase quality ones and don't stuff them too much.

•    Condition of the floor- When you place your boxes on the floor, inspect its condition. Is the floor tidy and dry? If you notice anything disturbing - damp, leakage, unpleasant odor, immediately inform the manager. You are paying a monthly fee for a reason. If you aren't pleased with the conditions, ask for a different unit.

•    Labeling- Some companies can provide pre-labelled boxes. This is a very convenient option which saves you all the hassle of going through each box and ensures an organized labeling.

•    Pest control- Pest control is just as important as climate control and shouldn't be overlooked. Some of the most serious damages to people's belongings are caused by rats or termites.

Other Characteristics
Along with the physical characteristics, the following ones need to be considered too:
•    Transport- It is much better to choose a company which offers moving services.

•    Security- the company should provide 24/7 security with security guards.

•    Contract-Read the contract closely and beware of any legal loopholes.

•    Location- It's better to opt for a storage unit which is centrally located and has easy access. Also, ensure that you are aware of the exact timing when you are able to visit your unit.