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Interviewing your estate agent in the W14 area

Hiring the right estate to help you with your move to the W14 area is extremely important, the right estate agent can help to make your move much less stressful and much more fun.  Hiring an estate agent that is not ideal for your situation, however, could do more harm than good and may make you regret hiring an estate agent altogether. Before you make any decisions on which estate agent you want to hire, you should make yourself a shortlist of your favourite estate agents and set up a time and date to interview them.  Make a full list of questions that you want to ask these estate agents and make sure you pay close attention to the answers that they give to you.  You will want an estate agent that actually answers your questions and in a direct manner, an estate agent that seems like they are paying attention to your wants and needs and someone who seems to be putting your best interests first. There are no questions that you can ask that will answer “are you the best estate agent for me and will you work with my best interests at the forefront of your mind” – well you could ask these exact questions but you may find the answers you get are always yes, but the manner in which the estate agent answers your other questions should answer these ones for you. Here are some questions that you should make a note of and ask the estate agents:•    How long have you been an estate agent for?  Are you qualified to work as an estate agent?  Here you are looking to understand how experienced the estate agent is in their role. •    How many homes did you personally sell last year? How many properties did your company sell last year?•    In comparison to the initial listing prices of the properties, what are your final sales prices like? Are you actually able to sell the property for the price you intend to list it as?  •    How long does it take you, on average, to sell a home?•    How will you communicate with me? Via telephone or letter?  And how often can I expect communications?•    Who do you represent?  The buyer or the seller or both?•    How will you advertise my home?  What is your usual marketing strategy?•    Whenever you give me documentation to read and sign, will I have time to properly ready these?  Will I also have time to get my solicitor to ready through anything I am unsure of?•    If I need something, like a surveyor or another kind of professional, will you be able to recommend someone to me that you have experience of working with? Finding different people to do different things in order to get your home on the market can be very time consuming, especially if you always want to make sure that you are hiring someone reputable. •    Are you able to provide me with any references?  Further to this, you should always do your own research as the references you receive are most likely going to be good ones.  Go online and research each of the estate agents, try to find some real customer reviews about the services provided by each of the estate agents.•    What are your charges?•    Is there any kind of insurance or guarantees that you can offer me?•    Why should I choose you over all of the other estate agents?•    Is there anything else that I should be aware of that I haven’t already asked about?