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How To Move Items Out Of The Loft Safely

When it comes to moving house,  no task is more treacherous than moving items from a  loft. While means of access and the power of gravity comprise just a few of the many hazards in transporting items out, there are ways that things can be moved from A to B safely.   Since the loft makes a good storage area, it's likely a lot of items have been placed up there over time. Those items will therefore need to be retrieved well in advance of moving day. For a start, try and remember how you got the items up in the first place. Did you enlist the help of anyone? Did you use the fold-out loft ladder or a sturdier one? Thinking back over your initial effort will encourage you to review the pros and cons of it ahead of informing your proposed reverse attempt.Below is a series of helpful tips and pointers across transporting items out of the loft:1 – Identify hazards beforehandThe golden rule. Before you even open your loft, familiarise yourself with the space around and beneath it – does the loft sit over a stairway? If so, start working out how to best place your ladder. In what's a frustrating design flaw, stairways are often situated beneath lofts incidentally. Don't bemoan this however – think of ways you can work around the flight of stairs instead.Other hazards will typically include items placed poorly in the loft itself alongside the lack of an adequate light for the space. Indeed, tripping up inside the loft itself could prove just as dangerous as falling off a ladder. In the event that your loft is dimly lit, invest in a cheap portable light, or, should your loft have a window, perform your loft clear out near to midday, where optimal sunlight will trickle in. The former option is advised in the first instance however. While defined as a portable light, your means of illumination will likely need to be connected through an extension cord, so be sure to have one of these available in advance too.2 – Designate someone to hold the ladderGenerally speaking, it's best to use your portable ladder when moving items out of the loft. This is because they tend to be stronger than whatever dangles from your hole in the roof.As obvious as it may seem, it is crucial to have someone secure your ladder for you. It's worth reminding house movers of this ahead of moving day since so much else is going on at the same time during shifting. Indeed, a reluctant would-be ladder holder may say they should be elsewhere moving items to maximise time. Should they complain on such grounds, simply remind them of the correct safety procedure across ladders. With assistance, loft moving should only take 30 minutes in any case.3 – Activate the lightIn supposing one has a portable light at hand, like that described earlier, it's important to activate it the moment your ladder is safely erected and someone is stood next to it. If an extension cord is required, have your minder switch the light on at the wall, otherwise carefully switch the light on yourself.     4 – Move small items out firstWith your light serving to reveal the contents of the loft, run your eye over all the smaller items in the space. These will include things such as kids toys, wetsuits, skateboards and musical instruments etc. Provided the size is agreeable, proceed to clamber into the loft entirely before picking up these items. Despite their lesser size, these items need to be placed below in a disciplined manner, so do this by squatting right down and handing the items to your assistant. In some cases this assistant will have to climb the ladder slightly in order to reach out and grab whatever is being handed down.5 – Acquire a third helper across bigger items The process of the point made immediately above needs to be repeated in the case of heavier items. The key difference here however is that a third person is required. Call in another helper before having them stand centrally on the erected ladder. Ask that they place an arm on the ladder at all times while using the other one to assist in cradling heavier items on their way down to your ladder holder.