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How to Choose a Man and his Van Service

Man and Van services provide transport for your belongings when you need to move home or for any other transport need you may have. They are ideal for people who have too many items to fit in a standard 3-or-5 door car, but don't have enough stuff to warrant hiring a removal company. As such they are generally cheaper than removal companies and can be extremely useful for people moving into a moderately sized flat or house-share. However, some services are more professional than others and, as such, provide a better service. Below are some issues to consider when choosing a man and van service. Firstly, make sure you know how many items you wish to transport, and how much space those items take up. If you know how much stuff you have to transport, but are unsure how much vehicle space this would require then phone around the man and van services – they will be excited to give you a quote and courteous with answers to your questions, such as what size vehicle will I need. The typical size of van provided by these services are 3.5 tonne vans. If it is recommended that you will need more space than that, then a removal company may be the right option for you as many Man and Van services will not have any vehicles bigger than 3.5 tonne vans.Once you know how much space your worldly belongings will need to be transported, it is time to shop around for a quote. This can either be done online or through phoning around. When searching around for quotes, you must be armed with a certain amount of information, such as when your move is, where you are moving and, as previously mentioned, how much space your possessions require. If, for example, a particular Man and Van service is already fully-booked on the day you wish to move, there's no point wasting your time on quotes from that service. Moreover, if you are moving a fair distant, there's a chance the service will not travel that far. It should be noted that Man and Van services are primarily useful for local moves – if you're moving out of the city or county then a removal company may in fact be cheaper. So, needless to say, it's bes to find out if a service will be willing to take on your transport needs.After you've phoned or surfed round and have gotten a few quotes from ready and willing Man and Van companies, it is time to pick one of them. Now, for the frugal among us, the obvious choice will be the cheapest one. However, you have to ask yourself why that service is so much cheaper than other Man and Van services. Is it because, put quite abruptly, the service is not that good nor reliable, or is it because they are new to the market and are offering low prices in order to boost their business in its early stages. One simple way to decipher this question is to go online and check reviews and customer satisfaction of each service you have a quote for. Like for any market, the Man and Van service market is compared and rated online. It is then down to you to balance price against customer service satisfaction and reviews. If the cheapest – or one of the cheapest – has good customer satisfaction ratings, then it is probably advisable to pick that one if you are working to a tight budget. If you simply want the best service money can buy, then chose the service with a highest customer satisfaction rating, or with the ones with the most glowing reviews.