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House Moving Checklist: What to Remember

Moving house can be a particularly stressful time, especially without the correct preparation. However, once the date of your move has been confirmed, it can help to start getting ready weeks or even months beforehand. This checklist is designed to help people who are worried about where to start, when preparing to move house.6-8 Weeks Before Your Move•    Start going through your possessions, checking for unwanted items that you will not need in your new home. A trip to the skip may be necessary to clear out the clutter. Alternatively, a car boot sale is a great way to make space in your new home whilst earning some extra cash.•    Book time off work around the time of your move. This is essential to avoid the stresses of work and moving home at the same time.3-4 Weeks Before Your Move•    Begin to take inventory of all the items you will need to take with you when you move. Order the necessary crates and boxes in which you will pack your belongings.•    Arrange a removal service or man with a van if necessary.•    Find out which utility companies you will need to notify of your move.1-2 Weeks Before Your Move•    Arrange readings of your utilities to avoid be charged extra once you have moved out of the house.•    Begin unplugging and disconnecting appliances such as the washing machine and tumble dryer.•    Notify the any other necessary companies, cancelling deliveries of products such as milk and newspapers.•    As the moving date approaches start to defrost the freezer.•    Start packing! Arrange your belongings into a coherent order, grouping similar items together. Make sure to label all of your crates and boxes to save time when unpacking.The Day Before Your Move•    Do a final inspection of the house. Make sure you have not forgotten to pack any important items.•    Clean up!•    Make sure you have everything you will need to move into your new house, such as keys and documents.On the Day of Your Move•    Make sure you are present if you have hired a removal company to help move your belongings to your new home.•    Get to your new house before the removal van.•    Check your belongings for damage when unpacking them from the removal van.•    Start planning the layout of furniture in your new home.After Your Move In•    Shop around and change your utility providers.•    Make sure your gas, electric and Internet are all set up.•    Go out and meet out your new neighbours!