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Get Ready to Pack your Wardrobe

Packing the contents of a wardrobe can be tricky. Certain clothes and garments can crease and can be difficult to fix. There are number of ways to pack clothes and some will be more useful than others dependant on the item of clothing. These suggestions will help you pack your clothes quickly and efficiently before a move.Organise your wardrobeWhen you start to pack your clothes you will find you have more clothes than you realise. Moving home gives you a perfect reason to get rid of old clothes you will never wear again. These old clothes can be donated to charity or be used as extra padding and packaging for other items. Organising your wardrobe and getting rid of old clothes allows you to free up space and have less things to carry.How are you going to pack?You will likely have a suitcase or other luggage for holidays; however they are unlikely to be big enough for all you and your family’s clothes. You can use the luggage you do have to carry items that down crease or can be ironed easily such as: T-shirts, shorts, jeans and underwear.  Rolling items will prevent as many ceases and will allow you to fit more in the suitcase. Another good tip is to keep items that are in drawers where they are. When moving day comes you can take the drawers out of the dresser or desk and carry the loaded drawers separately. This reduces the weight of the furniture and saves you unpacking and packing clothes again. When you have the furniture on the removal van you can place the drawers back and secure them with packing tape. This prevents the drawers falling out during the journey. Repeat this when you arrive at the new property and you can move things much quicker. For more delicate items of clothing there are ways of packing and moving them. You can invest in wardrobe boxes, which are sturdy cardboard boxes that can support a bar holding the weight of some garments. Wardrobe boxes are readily available on numerous websites and in stores that sell packaging.  Wardrobe boxes allow you to keep items of clothes upright during transit, preventing creases and damaging. Wardrobe boxes are perfect for suits, dresses and jackets. There is weight restrictions to wardrobe boxes so be wary of how much you pack into them. To further protect your garments inside the wardrobe box you can cover them in bag. This protects against dust and dirt that may get into the box during the move. Large bin bags are adequate, just make a hole in the bottom for the hanger to go through and allow the rest to cover the clothes. Using bags can be a complete alternative to using wardrobe boxes. Bags won’t offer the same security and will need to be hung on something separate or lay on a flat surface to prevent creasing. Shoes should be placed in a large bag or box separate from the clothes. If you put shoes in the same luggage as your garments you may get dirt or stains on the clothes. If you do use wardrobe boxes you can lay the bag or box containing shoes in the base to provide a little more weight to prevent it becoming unsecure and falling over during the journey.